WUF7 Events Reports

Agora Room

1. Cities and the New Climate Economy: Infrastructure, Innovation and the Spatial Fix

Networking Events

1. Financing the future city - what contributions for Financial Institutions specialized in the Post 2015 Development Agenda

2. Changes and challenges facing physical planning and implementation in Arab Cities

3. Secondary Cities – Key Links for Equitable and Sustainable City Systems

4. NE4

5. Safe and Inclusive Cities: Research to Reduce Urban Violence, Poverty and Inequalities

6. Gender, Asset Building and Just Cities

7. Safe + Smart Cities:Harnessing Technology for Urban Resilience

8. NE8

9. From participation to power

10. Regional support system for peripheral municipalities as a tool to reduce national and regional inequalities

11. Casual simulation model approaches to foster e-participation in the design of urban policies

12. Local Government Associations from Latin America Exchange Effective Practices to Create Conditions in support of cities that enable the delivery of basic services to all

13. How to enable urban innovation – fast, at broad scale, and equitable?

14. Participatory Design and Planning for Equitable Cities

15. Work and equity in cities of change: the right to the city and empowerment

16. Eliminating Constraints to Urban Land and Property Ownership by Women: A Practical Perspective

17. Alliance Water and Cities a scenario for adaptation and resilience

18. Leaving no one behind: how can we better monitor progress in ‘slum’ areas?

19. Lesson from Asia an LatAm:how to build resilient cities

20. Open cities of tomorrow - fostering inclusiveness and community involvement

21. Building the promise of urban equity

22. Know Your City: Creating Resilient & Equitable Cities Through Partnerships for Community-Collected Data

23. Regenerative Cities and Communities: A People-Driven Transformation

24. Harnessing Economic Potential: Street Vending, Enterprise Growth, and Urban Equity

25. NE 43

26. Applying social management models to improve local habitats, build community unity and address social exclusion in informal settlements.

27. The planning of rural urban landscape: The case of Colombia’s coffee cultural landscape

28. Cities for Life and Territorial RIights: Facing the Challenge of Human Inequality

29. North-South Dialogue in Urban Planning Research and Practice

30. Social integration and climate mitigation- An impossible mix?

31. Fair Food Systems and Networks in Australia

One UN Room

1. Local Economic Development: Strengthening Urban Rural Linkages for Economic Growth and Sustainable Development

2. City region food systems and sustainable urbanisation: A call for global action

3. Urbanization and Spatial Development of Cities—A Policy Research Program

4. Public Policies for Habitat

5. Local Economic Development: Strengthening Urban Rural Linkages for Economic Growth and Sustainable Development

6. Low‐Carbon Livable Cities — Getting Cities Ready and Getting Finance Flowing for Climate Action

7. City region food system and sustainable urban development

8. Innovating Cities – Collaboration, Participation and the Importance of the Social - Learning from Bogotá, Medellín, Barcelona and Porto Alegre

9. Building the Business Case for Resource Efficiency at City Level

10. Healthy and equitable urban planning through intersectoral action

11. Green Job Creation through Affordable and Sustainable Housing

12. Anti-corruption contribution to Urban Development

13. Health equity and sustainable urban development in the post-2015 development agenda: Second WHO-UN Habitat joint report

Urban Library

1. Launch of New Books

2. Sports and Recreation facilities of the Inder Medellin: Public Spaces transforming the City

3. Vil pou tout - Cities for all: Towards more equitable and resilient communities through secure and transparent land rights in Haiti

4. Localising the post 2015 development agenda

5. Towards The Second Assessment Report (ARC3-2) Of The Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN)

6. Urban Mobility and Poverty: Lessons from Medellin and Soacha

7. How can cities become more equitable on a continent where 110 million people live in informal settlements

8. Growing Greener Cities in Latin America and the Caribbean

9. The Atlas of the Human Development in Brazil – International Web Platform Launch

10. Driving Urban Equity: How Modern Public Libraries are the Key to Connecting People for Equal Opportunity and Development

11. Basic Services for All in an Urbanizing World

City Changer Room

1. Linking Cities to Financing: Bridging the gap between planning and implementation of urban infrastructure investments

2. Unpacking Targets for the Urban SDG

3. Urban Land for Public Good

4. Sostenibilidad socio-territorial postintervenciones en asentamientos populares

5. Strategic leadership for safer cities: global trends and practical challenges

6. The EcoCitizen Map Project: Building Resilience and Equity through Citizen Participation and Geodesign

7. The Golden Triangle Approach To Urban Equity In Development

8. National Urban Policies: Ingredients of Success in the Pursuit of Equitable Development

9. Speed Dating for City Builders

10. Partnership for Inclusive Sustainable Urban Development in Ondo State of Nigeria

11. New Housing Entrepreneurs: Business Models That Integrate Inclusion, Well-Being and Sustainability

12. Safer Cities through Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading

13. Brasil+20: A collective effort for defining a national policy for sustainable municipalities

14. Making new urban law: a dialogue between Latin America and Africa

15. Integrating Waste Pickers into Municipal Waste Management: Waste Pickers’ Struggles and Victories

16. City Changers: Empowering Children and Young People through arts and culture

17. City Green Transition and Development

18. Inclusive Citizen Engagement in the Planning of a Bus Rapid Transit Extension in Chelsea, MA (United States)

19. Future of Places - Public Spaces in Favelas and Slums

20. Energy access, energy efficiency and resource distribution: improving the quality of life in slums of Latin America and Africa

21. Healthy Cities for Healthy Life – Halifax, Canada as a Healthy Sustainable Model City

22. Achieving Urban Equity in Development with and for Adolescent Girls

23. City changer room event: City Prosperity and Equitable Urban Development

24. Desarrollo Integral de Comunidades Sostenibles (DINCS): Un modelo de construcción de hábitats.

25. An Evidence-based framework contributing to just cities for children

26. 2014 Urban Sustainablity Prize