WUF7 E-Debate


Urban Equity has become a universal concern. Income inequalities continue to grow, having surpassed the levels of the previous generation. Today, more than two thirds of the world's population live in cities that have experienced over three decades of steadily increasing inequality. Rapidly urbanizing cities, then, have developed into agglomerates of intensely divided communities experiencing vastly different access to services and risks in their daily routines.

The World Urban Forum has historically promoted an open, and inclusive discourse among participants, moving outside of the traditional conference mold. This year's Forum will serve as a tool to further incorporate equity into the global development agenda, as well as to inspire a robust participatory process towards Habitat III, the Third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, in 2016. WUF7 will be a launching pad for establishing new partnerships and expanding networks to advance the development equity agenda.

In line with this inclusive approach, the WUF7 will launch WUF7 E-Debates. This is an online platform to discuss ideas relating to the theme, Urban Equity in Development. Conclusions from these talks will be applied to the Final Concept Paper. The WUF7 E-Debates are hosted on the URB.im network platform and are made possible by a partnership of the Ford Foundation and UN-Habitat. You can join in the discussions on the URB.im network. 

To prepare for the E-Debates, read the WUF7 theme concept paper below.