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This event will bring the partners of the World Urban Campaign together to announce the new urban paradigm following the theme: The Future We Want, The City We Need. It will invite other organizations to learn, participate, contribute and ask questions about this paradigm, and will engage with other organizations to determine the way forward. It will investigate how this paradigm can involve new partners as well as governments to become a reality. In this period of rapid urbanization, where 60% of the built environment that will be needed by 2050 is yet to be built, the WUC Partners wish to address the following questions:

  • What has gone wrong with the previous urban paradigm? What are the unsuitable trends we have seen over the past decades? 
  • What is the new urban paradigm we must establish to ensure a bright, sustainable urban future? 
  • How can partners work together to ensure collaboration and commitment to this paradigm? 
  • How can the governments and national legislation be influenced to facilitate the realization of this paradigm?
  • What commitments can be made to see these goals achieved?

Wednesday April 9 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM | Grand Salon Room 4


Eugénie Birch
World Urban Campaign Steering Committee

Lorenzo Casullo
European Representative
Youth Advisory Board

Peter Götz
Global Parliamentarians on Habitat

Carolina Jaramillo
Child Speaker, World Vision Colombia

Rose Molokoane
South African Federation of the Urban Poor, Slum Dwellers International

Jacqueline Moustache-Belle
Mayor of Victoria
Seychelles, and Co-President, UCLG

Shipra Narang Suri
Vice President
International Society of City and Regional Planners

Jan Peterson
Huairou Commission

Bert Smolders
Co-Chair, Urban Private Partners

Jonathan Reckford
Habitat for Humanity International

Taliana Vargas
Santa Marta City Changer Campaign

Nicholas You
World Urban Campaign Steering Committee

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