Urban Researchers Roundtable

Urban Equity in a Post-2015 Development Framework

The primary objective of this year’s Urban Researchers Roundtable is to discuss how the research community can play a stronger role in advancing sustainable urbanization by exploring innovative evidence-based solutions to pervasive issues such as urban inequality and mainstreaming the knowledge and empirical evidence generated from research within a post-2015 development framework.

With this in mind, the Roundtable will seek answers to three fundamental questions:

  • How can we make urban research more relevant for shifting paradigms in the post-2015 process? How can UN-Habitat play a stronger role in bridging the gap between research findings and practice? 
  • What is current research finding about the causes and critical factors of urban inequality that threaten the sustainable development of cities? 
  • What are the policy implications of current urban research findings on social, economic and spatial inequality in cities?

2:00pm - 4:00pm | Grand Salon Room 1


Eduardo Moreno
Head of Branch, UN-Habitat


Julio D. Dávila
Professor of Urban Policy and International Development and
Director of the Development Planning Unit, University College London (UCL)

Samik Lall
Senior Economist, Urban Anchor, World Bank

Caroline Moser
Lecturer and Researcher
Global Urban Research Centre, University of Manchester

Alicia Ziccardi
UNAM /Director, Programma Universitario de Estudios de la Ciudad (PUEC)
Centre for Advanced Studies on Cities of the National Autonomous University

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