From Medellín to the regions of Antioquia

Objectives of the session:

1. Public management model: From "Medellín, the most educated" 2004-2007 to "Antioquia the most educated" 2012-2015.

2. Urabá as an example of an integral intervention within a territory. With its natural wealth and its geo-strategic position, Urabá is a region of great opportunities and potential that poses political, economic and social challenges for planned, environmentally balanced and sustainable development, with equality and social justice that provides well-being for its communities. 

3. The Vigia del Fuerte integral project

The Municipal Integral Project's purpose is that the spheres where the inhabitants live every day, such as homes and schools, can be connected to the urban public utilities grids, to the mobility systems for the population, and to good quality public spaces so the territory can become an environment conduced to community life and social exchanges that help the community achieve sustainable development.

4. Educational Parks

Through its six educational parks located in Urabá, "Antioquia the Most Educated" is relying on an education based model for developing capabilities. This is relying on the talent of our people through high-quality public education, science, technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and culture.

With the educational parks in Urabá, we are closing the door on illegality.

5. Discussion panel with validation: Urabá as an example of an integral intervention within a territory. 

Thursday April 10 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM | Teatro Metropolitano


Rafael Aubad
President of ProAntioquia

Alejandro Echeverri
Director of the Urban and Environmental Studies - Urbam - EAFIT

Marion Joubert
Project Officer in the Division of territorial entities and Urban Development
French Development Agency – AFD

Juan Luis Mejia Arango
President of EAFIT University

Federico Restrepo Posada
Manager of the Integral Project for the Development of Uraba, and of Highways for Prosperity

Mauricio Valencia
Departmental Secretary for Infrastructure
Secretary for Municipal Planning

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