Safety in Colombia

To report an emergency, request an ambulance service or call the police, dial 123 from any phone (landline or mobile). This is the only emergency phone number in Colombia. 

Safety has drastically improved in Colombia during the past 10 years. However, certain precautions should still be taken in order to ensure a pleasant and safe stay:

  • Do not leave personal items unattended
  • Find general tourist and transport information at the WUF7 Information Points
  • Avoid hailing taxis on the street,  it’s preferable to call and request a car from a known provider
  • If you are using the car rental service, avoid parking on the street. Use the closest parking garage or the secure parking offered by the majority of hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and airports
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and/or credit cards - bring only the amount needed for daily activities
  • If you want to exchange currency, locate the authorized currency exchanges in shopping centres, airports and hotels. Always use banks located inside shopping malls or hotels when withdrawing cash, avoid making withdrawals on the street. 

In case you would require medical assistance during your stay in Medellín, you can visit one of the listed hospitals or clinics.


The city’s water supply is of high quality and is safe to drink.