A Safe City as a Just and Equitable City

This Dialogue will highlight the innovative thought and experiences related to urban development which have positively impacted on the safety of the most excluded and vulnerable groups, which have engaged them as agents of change and made their cities and urban lives more equitable. It will discuss original programming, skills and methodologies which focus specifically on the most vulnerable and excluded urban populations as key agents of change and encourage multi-level networks and partnerships interested in improving urban. Finally, it will identify roles of different levels of government and legislative mechanisms that promote safe and just cities for the most marginalized.

Friday 11 April 8:30am - 11:30am | Grand Salon Room 5 and 6


Edwin Heathcote
Architect, writer and critic


Josephine Castillo
Grassroots Community Leader and Organizer, DAMPA

Sook-Jin Lee
President Seoul Foundation of Women and Family
South Korea

Francisco Jose Lloreda
High Councillor, Safety and Coexistence, MInistry of Defense

Alejandro Nieto
Viceminister, SEDATU

Diana Ortega
Member, La Familia Ayara

Antonio Zapata
Mayor, City of Corregidora

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