One UN Room

The Seventh Session of the World Urban Forum is a key event during this transition phase from the Millennium Development Goals into the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Moreover, WUF7 will kick off the Habitat III participatory process for the instigation and design of the New Urban Agenda; with substantive outcomes from the Forum, its impact will be significant on the future of cities worldwide.

The One UN Room serves to host UN bodies that wish to address urban development challenges, applying the strength of their respective competencies and expertise. The establishment of this space is a result of over twelve years of increasing engagement between the World Urban Forum Secretariat, initiated in 2002, and the United Nations system. The Sixth Session of the World Urban Forum held a United Nations Interagency Meeting, which sparked new opportunities for United Nations participation in various discussions and initiatives.

To build upon this interagency momentum, the Seventh Session of the World Urban Forum will reflect Habitat III's unique preparatory process, and provide an opportunity to leverage the strengths of the different branches of the UN system for them to enter into collaborative modes and function as One UN. The One UN Room offers a central space for representatives of UN agencies to convene and debate their shared concern and work on sustainable urban development. While concurrently attending a dynamic global conference, UN agencies will be challenged to identify ways to foster the strength of urban centres and manage the negative effects of urbanization, with the vision of achieving the United Nations' overarching sustainable development goals.

Please see here the list of events in the One UN Room

If you are interested in organizing a session in the One UN Room, please contact the WUF7 Secretariat at Please note that this room has a capacity of 150 people, and will be available for sessions between 1 and 2 hours.