Media Centre at the Venue


Members of the press interested in covering the World Urban Forum 7 must have been registered at through the online form, categorized as Media. In order to have a WUF7 Media badge, you should have received approval after submitting all required documentation for accreditation. 


The Media Centre is for exclusive use by WUF7 accredited journalists with a WUF7 Media badge.  The Media Centre will remain open from 07:30 until 20:00 from Saturday 5 April to Friday 11 April with a press briefing on the day’s events daily at 08:00. 

With over 100 square meters of open space, the Media Centre, located on the second floor of the Wood Box, is able to accommodate up to 150 journalists at a time. This working area offers Wi-Fi connection, computers, printers, landlines and other facilities. For any media requests or updated information on the WUF7 programme, all journalists can ask at the Media 
Centre desk, or get in touch with the WUF7 Media Centre Coordinator. All official press conferences and presentations to media will be held in the Press Conference Room, located next to the Media Center but accessible to all participants. As the World Urban Forum is a platform that promotes the dissemination of global urban development news, various organizations, governments and UN-Habitat partners will also hold press conferences and announcements on a daily basis. The Press Conference Room provides interpretation into English and Spanish.

For press inquiries, contact