Medellín: A City for Life

The objectives of this special session are:

1. To share the urban transformation that has taken place in the city over the past decades and the projects that will mark its future. All these efforts are focused on turning Medellín into a city for life on the basis of equity, inclusion, education, culture and citizen cohabitation. Medellín will be presented as an integral model of resilience.

2. Construct, alongside the international community, the elements of a new way of urban thinking and the tools needed to create life and equity in cities, in harmony with the upcoming sustainable development goals, Habitat III and the new World Urban Agenda. 

3. Discuss the most pressing and fundamental challenges faced by cities today, while highlighting solidarity and international cooperation in short and long-term visions. 

Wednesday April 9 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM | Teatro Metropolitano


José Carrera
Vicepresident Development Bank of Latin America

Philippe Oriange
Director AFD Latin America

Michel Destot
Mayor of Grenoble
Head of France Big Cities Mayors Association

Aníbal Gaviria Correa

Mayor of Medellin, Colombia

Julian Goh
Center for Liveable Cities

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