Local Services

The average exchange rate of the Colombian peso in 2013 was $1,866.00 COP for every dollar and $2,476.00 COP for every euro.

Information for Foreigners
In the event of an emergency or if you have any inquires, foreign nationals can contact the ministry of foreign relations.  Call 01 800 097 9899 or visit: www.cancilleria.gov.co/help/contactus

Coin operated public payphones can be found in multiple locations throughout the city of Medellín. Some are payable by prepaid calling card.

In Colombia, the telephone numbers of landlines have seven digits and there are several mobile phone operators:

CLARO  www.claro.com
MOVISTAR www.movistar.com.co
TIGO www.tigo.com.co
UFF www.uffmovil.com
VIRGIN MOBILE www.virginmobile.co

These providers sell phones with both prepaid plans, contracts, and mobile internet.

How to make calls from mobile phones:
- Mobile to mobile: Dial the ten-digit mobile phone number directly
- Mobile to landline: 03 + area code + seven-digit landline number
- Landine to mobile: 03 0 ten-digit mobile number
- Mobile to international landline: 005, 007 or 009 + country code + area code + landline

Financial Services
A Bancolombia office is located in Plaza Mayor, in front of the Wooden Box, where participants can perform all types of cash transactions; exchange currency, make wire transfers etc. Participants can also exchange currency at any of the currency exchanges found in shopping centres and airports authorized by the national banking supervisors. Transactions in non-authorized locations are not recommended.