Joan Erakit

Joan Erakit is a UN Correspondent at Inter Press Service in New York City. Born in Kisumu, Kenya and she lived between Tanzania, Swaziland and Kenya before migratingto the United States with her family. Joan studied cultural anthropology at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota before moving to Washington, D.C. to work as an editorial assistant and intern at National Geographic Traveler Magazine. With a passion for writing, she began working as a freelance writer in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area after returning from time spent in both France and Canada. She has worked for over 6 years as a research assistant and coordinator for Africa Center Peace and Democracy helping field staff develop conflict monitoring units in east, central and southern Africa.

Additionally, Joan also spent the summer of 2010 working as an assistant curator for the Art of Conflict, an exhibition put on by the Iraqi American Reconciliation Project that encouraged dialogue between Americans and Iraqi's on the topic of conflict and reconciliation.

Her love for writing goes beyond the United Nations and into fashion, culture and lifestyle. Joan's work has been published by Cool Hunting, Essence, the Minneapolis City Pages,Metro Magazine, Frank151 and InDepth News.

Joan currently covers the United Nations with a specialization in women's issues. She is deeply dedicated to sharing stories about gender inequality, education, reproductive health and rights, maternal and new born health, and sustainable development.

Joan sees the World Forum as a place to not only discuss matters that affect our growingc cities and people, but also as a place to create new initiatives that can influence policymakers to protect our communities in a way that promotes social justice, inclusion and development.

You can follow her on Twitter: @Erakit

Or visit her online homes here and here