Global Parliamentarians on Habitat Roundtable

Urban Equity in Development - Cities for Life: Role of Parliamentarians

The main objectives of the Global Parliamentarians on Habitat Roundtable are:

  • To develop a common understanding of urban equity and equality issues amongst the Parliamentarians.  
  • To encourage the Parliamentarians to explore better urban laws, legislations, debates, and consensus and to advocate for sustainable urbanization and equal outcomes for all.
  • To discuss developing a New Urban Development Agenda incorporating equity issues for addressing the Post-2015 goals through policies and resource commitment. To promote equity and decentralization of power for local-level decision making and better urban governance law, legislations and policies. To identify means of promoting co-operation and knowledge sharing amongst various platforms of Parliamentarians and Policy Makers to address inequalities in cities.

Tuesday 8 April 8:30am - 11:30am | Grand Salon Room 3


Ernesto Gil Elorduy
Member of Parliament

Peter Götz
President Global Parliamentarians on Habitat (GPH)

Fitz Jackson
ACP Co-President ACP-EU Joint Parliamentarian Assembly

Aisa Kacyira
Deputy Executive Director, UN-Habitat

Boumer Abdel Karim
Member of Parliament,

Ronald Kiandee
Member of Parliament

Mariam Nalubega
Member of Parliament Speaker of EALA, Tanzania

Jerko Rošin
Member of Parliament

Jean Marie Tetart
Member of Parliament

Oscar López VelardeVega
Former Parliamentarian

Carlos Alberto Zuliaga
Member of Parliament

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