Ernesto Cortés Fierro

Ernesto Cortés Fierro is a journalist and social communicator with 20 years of experience. He holds a master degree in journalism from the University of Miami and has worked as a journalist professor at the University of Javeriana, Bogotá. Cortés Fierro has worked as a reporter for both TV and radio and during the last years he has been working with El Tiempo, currently holding the position of chief editor. He is also a part of the strategic team which designed and brought forward a model of convergence and multimedia for Casa Editorial EL TIEMPO and is the coordinator for the Colombian branch of the group Diarios América (GDA). In addition, Cortés Fierro writes the Sunday column ‘Voy y vuelvo’ with which he got the journalist prize ‘Alvaro Gómez Hurtado.

Together with the journalist María Teresa Ronderos, he was awarded the journalist prize Rey de España in 1996 for the work ‘El proceso a los medios’ and in 2013 for the ‘Cuatro años para salvar el agua de Bogotá’ in EL TIEMPO Casa Editorial.