City Changer Room

The City Changer Room provides a platform for UN-Habitat partners to showcase their latest work in research and project implementation in collaboration with UN-Habitat. As part of the I'm a City Changer awareness campaign, this room aims to empower WUF7 participants by sharing replicable solutions for improving their cities. 

During the WUF7, the City Changer Room will offer sessions lasting one to two hours in which UN-Habitat partners present their project portfolios for city and town improvement initiatives all over the world.  

The City Changer Room is an opportunity for all participants wishing to learn more about UN-Habitat's work and their stake in the New Urban Agenda for Development, and to speak with existing partners in urban development. The City Changer Room is located in the UN-Habitat Pavilion.  

Please see here the list of events in the City Changer Room