Children's Assembly

The Children's Assembly is co-organized with World Vision International

Objectives of the Children's Assembly

The first Children's Assembly at the World Urban Forum 7 (WUF7) aims to provide a platform for children to reflect on their experiences living in a city and discuss the city they need. It aims to change the perception of the role of children in shaping cities, a role that has traditionally been non-existent, and create awareness of the importance of their inclusion and contribute to just, equitable and sustainable cities. The Children's Assembly will endeavor to apply innovative methods to include children's voices and participation to influence the decision makers of the city in designing safe, resilient, prosperous and healthy cities where children thrive. The events of the Assembly will be focused on capturing expressions of children about the issues they face in their cities and their ideas that contribute to equitable cities. 

The overall methodology of the Children's Assembly will promote participation of children through diverse methods. To present their views about the city they need, children will: 

1. Paint: Design 'My Dream City' using Art

2. Debate: Draft a Children's Charter regarding their right to be heard in the city. 

3. Build a Child friendly space/neighborhood using blocks

These activities will provide an interactive platform for WUF7 participants to engage with children from various parts of the world, enhance their understanding about the issues of children's well-being in the city, and explore solutions in an informal way. 

The Assembly will be co-led by UN-Habitat and World Vision International. 

Monday, 7 April
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Green Pavilion, 4th floor, Rooms 1-4


Joyati Das

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