Benjamin Krause

Benjamin Krause serves as Senior Vice President for Institutional Partnerships and Organizational Learning for J/P Haitian Relief Organization and as Chief of Staff for Sean Penn in his role as Ambassador-at-Large for Haiti and in his broader humanitarian work.

Benjamin has been working in Haiti since March 2010 and he joined J/P HRO as Country Director in January 2011. During his tenure, he led the transformation of J/P HRO from an emergency response team of international volunteers to a community-based development organization of 350 predominantly Haitian staff. Together they accompany and empower families in Haiti to demonstrate to the world the transformative potential of marginalized, high-density, urban neighborhoods as an engine of development for the 21st Century. J/P HRO’s efforts aim to promote resilient, sustainable and prosperous communities through four integrated programs: 1) Medical, 2) Camp & Relocations Management, 3) Engineering & Construction and 4) Community Development. The organization works with the support and collaboration of local and national government leaders, community based organizations, other international NGOs, donors, UN agencies and most importantly the community.

Benjamin’s community-based development and non-profit management career began first in poverty-stricken pockets of the United States and then took him throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and East Africa. In addition to his work with J/P HRO, he has extensive experience in participatory risk and asset mapping, natural resource management and community health. He has advised government officials including multiple heads of state on humanitarian response and development.

Benjamin has been invited to speak at universities including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Duke, Boston University, Fordham, Xavier and Salisbury as well as at international conferences. He received his MA studying International Development and International Economics at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and his BA in Philosophy and Spanish from Xavier University. Both institutions honored him as the outstanding overall graduate of his class, and in 2012 Xavier University recognized him with its annual Magis Alumni Award.